12 Days of HIIT-mas!

Welcome to one of my favorite classes, the 12 Days of HIIT-mas! We go through the exercises 1-12 just like the song The 12 Days of Christmas, with each exercise corresponding to the number. Go at your pace and take a break if you need to!
12 Days of HIIT-mas
You need a mat and one or two sets of medium to heavy dumbbells
1 Plank Hold
2 Half Turkish Get Ups (each)
3 Inchworm walkout push up hop
4 Squat to Overhead Press with Leg Out to Side (each side)
5 x 10 Mountain Climbers
6 Split Squat Curls (each)
7 Bird Dog Row (each side)
8 Shuffles
9 Bridge Hold with Chest Press
10 Dead Bugs (2 is one)
11 Side Plank Fire Hydrant (each side)
12 Star Jumps or Jumping Jacks